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Our Process

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Champions for Your Success

When you hire us as your trusted partner for a full website build, we make a commitment to you. We commit to reaching (and exceeding) your expectations. We commit to identifying features and functionalities to create a smoother eCommerce experience all around. And we commit to being your partner fully.

When you work with us, you reap the benefits of our 40 years of experience that has taught us what steps it takes to generate success. And to do that, we begin with our project methodology.

Our process

Our Steps to Success

  • Kickoff & DiscoveryKickoff & Discovery
  • Designing the ExperienceDesigning the Experience
  • Site BuildSite Build
  • Quality Assurance TestingQuality Assurance Testing
  • Launch!Launch!
  • SupportSupport
Kickoff & Discovery

Kickoff & Discovery

We want to know about your brand, your history, your challenges and your opportunities. Who are your peers? Who are your competitors? What’s on your wish list and what’s on your must-have list? What might drive a prospect to your eCommerce site and how might they move through the sales funnel? There’s a reason it’s called the discovery phase…

Once we have a good grasp on your business, your priorities, and your goals, we can map the project into phases with actionable tasks.

Designing the Experience

Designing the Experience

We always start with a bare bones sketch — aka the wireframe and site architecture — to get your site design in place. We do this because it gives us a sense of what the site will look and feel like, along with how a user will journey through it. Once you sign off on the prototypes, we can move into building your site — sort of like Dr. Frankenstein bringing the monster to life, but without the horror or gore.

Site Build

Site Build

Here’s where we dive into the nitty gritty — content, functions, features, security, accessibility, and so much more. We’ll bring your wireframes to life with imagery, illustrations, and animations. We’ll integrate a comprehensive SEO strategy based on keyword research, meta descriptions, and content optimization. And we’ll develop the code that brings your website to life, complete with all the integrations necessary to make sure your backend systems talk to your eCommerce site. In short, this is where the magic happens.

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance Testing

Also known as the phase where we kick the tires to make sure they don’t deflate. We want to make sure the site looks and performs the way we intended, across all devices and platforms, for all potential users. It’s also where we go over every page with a fine tooth comb so by the time we’re ready for launch, we can rest assured there will be minimal issues for any users and people can get to shopping.



We’ve hit the button that says publish and now it’s live, out there for the world to see! But since we’re always striving to do better, we run multivariate and A/B tests on different areas of your site to create a cycle of constant improvement. We’ll also look at different ways to engage your prospective buyer, such as by editing button color or calls-to-action text to improve your site’s overall performance. After all, innovation is often found in the places you never thought to look.



You didn’t think we were done, did you? Sure, we could say congratulations and good luck when the site launches, but that’s not our business model. We pride ourselves on being partners for the long-term, not just for a one-off project.

As part of our support offerings, you can expect the following:

• Account management with a dedicated certified Solutions Architect

• Ongoing platform and app updates

• Ongoing page development

• Continuous performance optimization

• Bug fixes

• Support and advice as needed

Anytime you need us, we’re right here.