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Tailormade eCommerce Solutions

We take your success personally at Hammer Commerce. That’s why we’ve tested and tweaked and fine-tuned our services until we got it exactly right. This way, we can share everything we’ve learned (and continue to learn) with you so you get to reap the rewards. Consider it our secret recipe that’s not so secret.

eCommerce Strategy

We see this time and again — businesses build an awesome eCommerce site and then expect it to do all the work for them. Instead, we flip that on its head. We ask, “What makes your business stand out digitally?” And from there, we’ll work with you to create an eCommerce strategy that helps you target your people, promote your business, and ultimately increase your profits.


We believe great eCommerce website design combines form with function to create something that customers find particularly delightful. That’s why we take the time to thoughtfully understand your brand voice and vision to deliver an unparalleled design. But that’s not all: we also think about safety, compliance, and accessibility to make sure everyone can experience your site. We’re not about just building online stores at Hammer Commerce — we’re here to build experiences that convert.

Web Development

Most people don’t realize it, but web development is what really brings an eCommerce site to life. And at Hammer Commerce, we’ll make your site truly one of a kind. Integrations? Check. Custom features or functionalities? Check. Massive growth necessitating major scalability? Also check. We build sites that can rise up to meet tomorrow’s standards, all while getting the job done so you can focus on what’s most important: your business’s position in the marketplace.


How are people finding you? If you don’t know the answer, that’s okay, because we do! We’ll use our extensive knowledge in SEO and SEM to identify and capitalize upon language that will drive people to your site. We’ll dive into your competitors, keywords, meta descriptions, content, and more to develop a comprehensive and successful SEO strategy, and at the end of the day, you’ll see measurable results when you follow our steps.

Support/Managed Services

Sure, we could send you out into the big bad world once we hit that launch button and say, “Good luck!” But that’s not our style. With our support services and dedicated Solutions Architects, we work behind the scenes for you to solve any issues before they become problems so you can focus on other priorities. Whether that’s software updates, patches, tweaking your site’s content, or adapting your site for any rapid-scale growth, our support packages mean your answer to “What’s keeping you up at night” will never be “My eCommerce site.”

Marketing Services

Before, during, and after your eCommerce site is built, we’re thinking about effective ways to attract and grow your customer base. Through experience, we know this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. To be effective, we focus on the current dynamics of the direct and indirect competitors in your marketplace. Then we bring your brand’s unique positioning and identity to life through engaging content creation and marketing tools such as SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, media buying, and automation. Site performance and campaign results also are analyzed regularly to get them exactly where you want them to be today and for years to come.

Modern Design

Modern website design is heading back to minimalism with a tide of purposeful white space, much like in print magazines. Like natural currents, white space helps move visitors through your site pages, flowing from one element to the next — and it creates a visual hierarchy where no element distracts from the whole.

To do that, we’ll first strive to understand the context in which a customer might be driven to your eCommerce site. We’ll identify the must-haves to make your site engaging, practical, and easy to experience. Then we’ll start the design phase based on our findings. And, of course, we’ll make sure your site meets safety and compliance standards.

Our Services In Action


Sweetening the eCommerce Experience

We believe great eCommerce website design combines form with function. That’s why we create custom online shopping experiences that elevate your brand and inspire your customers to purchase.