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BigCommerce- B2B Edition Launch

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In May, BigCommerce announced the launch of the latest release of their B2B Edition services. Users are excited and curious to see and use what BigCommerce has released.

What is in the new release? Here is a quick breakdown.

Build a bigger brand with Multiple Storefront capabilities

Ecommerce B2B brands can now manage and maintain multiple storefronts from a single back end.   This will allow marketing, brand, and customer service teams to easily scale and grow a multi-brand strategy all while reducing operational costs and complexity. This feature will also provide a better customer experience as buyers will have control of their online shopping journey by leveraging the dynamic buyer portal, which will help to encourage brand loyalty and repeat business.

Create agile storefronts with Headless Capability (still in Beta)

The new headless capabilities allow users to create and build storefronts through the use of composable elements and Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native Saas and Headless (MACH) architecture. This will allow storefronts to be more agile and consistently improve as the business grows. This B2B Edition can integrate with existing BigCommerce HTML theme or CMS platforms and is headless agnostic. Merchants can continue to personalize their buyer’s purchasing experience.

Enhance buyer experience with a Modernized Buyer Portal

Another, equally important, new functionality from the release involves the new modernized buyer portal for customers. The new updates allow for more effective management of workflows, orders, and quotes to reduce friction in the path to purchase and enhance customer loyalty.

Take B2B storefronts to the next level

With the latest release of B2B Editions, it is evident that BigCommerce is truly committed to enabling B2B brands with the best quality platform and features to thrive and grow their business. B2B brands are now being given the opportunity to create and personalize strong and meaningful Customer experiences which will lead to increased brand loyalty and repeat conversions.  

At Hammer Commerce, we enjoy working with and supporting B2B companies with their ecommerce strategies. Take a look at some of the B2B clients we have been able to help along the way.