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Is Your Magento eCommerce Store Slow and Underperforming?

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Is your Magento based eCommerce site facing performance issues and failing Core Web Vitals performance scores? Poor site speed can be devastating to an eCommerce business, damaging a business’s Google ranking and costing sales and revenue in the process.

Magento is a leader in eCommerce website infrastructure, but there are many things that can impact its speed and performance, even after sinking significant time, money, and effort into trying to identify and fix the performance issues with your eCommerce store.

That’s where Hyvä comes in.

Hyvä is a groundbreaking front end for Magento sites. 

With Hyvä, businesses can bring their Magento websites into the 22nd century.

Enhanced Speed and Performance

With Hyvä, your eCommerce site will load quickly and pass Core Web Vitals by leveraging the latest front end technology, which can increase your conversion rate and improve your SEO rankings. The Hyvä theme is fully responsive across devices, delivering fast load times on smartphones and tablets as well as personal computers. Additionally, the Hyva theme has been awarded near perfect green scores across Google’s Core Web Vitals which is a testament to its performance and efficiency. 

Streamlined Development Process and Support

Hyvä offers a more streamlined development experience and a more modern technology stack that enables continued feature development and optimization, making the migration to Hyvä an investment that extends the life and performance of the platform. 

Community Adoption and 3rd Party Support

Hyvä has been embraced by the Magento community and the number of extensions with out-of-the-box support continues to grow, meaning your eCommerce store will be able to enjoy a vast marketplace of tools for boosting your eCommerce site’s performance without worrying about compatibility issues. 

Why Choose Hammer Commerce with Hyvä?

Hammer Commerce has years of experience supporting Magento eCommerce stores. As a full-service eCommerce agency and authorized Hyvä supplier, Hammer Commerce’s Adobe-certified team has the experience and expertise needed to support the transition to Hyvä across every dimension of your business, including: 

Here are some reasons to work with us: 

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to take your eCommerce store to the next level with Hyvä and Hammer Commerce, contact us to request a quote or schedule a demo. You can fill out the form below so we can start to discuss your project details and requirements. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your Magento eCommerce store with Hyvä and Hammer Commerce. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your goals.

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