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Elevate Your Magento eCommerce Store with Hammer Commerce and Hyvä

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Are you eager to make your Magento online store look better, load faster, and be easier to use? Do you need a team that can manage technical development, SEO, UX/UI, and design? If your answer is a “yes,” then look no further than Hammer Commerce, your premier full-service eCommerce agency partnered with Hyvä for Magento.

Hyvä is not just a theme. It’s a whole new way of building Magento websites.

Hyvä is a groundbreaking theme designed to help create exceptional Magento websites with less hassle, faster page load times, and improved performance. Hyvä themes are like a breath of fresh air for Magento 2 sites. These themes use modern tools and tech to make your website faster, simpler, and safer. Hyvä works really well with Magento 2.4 and up, and it supports cool features like PWA, GraphQL, and headless commerce. Hyvä also allows for the utilization of the native Magento PHP templating system, simplifying customization without disrupting your brand’s identity. With Hyvä themes, we create user-friendly and high-performance websites that help businesses grow.

Enhanced Speed and Performance

Your website will load at lightning speed, which can increase your conversion rate and improve your SEO rankings. The theme is optimized for mobile devices, so you can expect fast load times on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, the Hyva theme has been awarded a near perfect green score across Google’s web vitals score, which is a testament to its performance and efficiency.

Streamlined Development Process

Compared to the outdated Luma theme introduced in 2015, Hyvä offers a more straightforward development experience. Developers enjoy improved ease of debugging due to the simplicity of the front-end code and files.

Community Adoption and 3rd Party Support

Hyvä has gained widespread acceptance within the Magento ecommerce community and attracted substantial attention in the marketplace. Numerous third-party developers are actively ensuring compatibility with Hyvä, expanding the theme’s functionality and flexibility.

Why Choose Hammer Commerce with Hyvä?

Hammer Commerce is an authorized Hyvä supplier and a full-service eCommerce agency. Our team of experts are ready to address every need of your eCommerce project, from technical development to SEO, UX/UI, and design. Here are some reasons to work with us:

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to take your eCommerce store to the next level with Hyvä and Hammer Commerce, contact us to request a quote or schedule a demo. You can fill out the form below so we can start to discuss your project details and requirements. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your Magento eCommerce store with Hyvä and Hammer Commerce. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your goals.

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