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Merchants Using Buy with Prime

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Earlier this year it was announced BigCommerce launched an app to allow merchants to put, Amazon’s Buy with Prime on storefronts that use BigCommerce. This shift shows the rapid rise and popularity of Buy with Prime. Introduced in Spring of last year, Buy with Prime allows merchants to sell their products/merchandise from their own websites. The result? This allows Amazon’s payments and fulfillment services to be available when they check out, letting customers use their Prime membership for faster/zero cost delivery.

Since the release of the Buy with Prime functionality for merchants, Amazon released internal data highlighting merchants who offer Buy with Prime, have seen customer conversion increase by 25%. These are just some of the many benefits for merchants who decide to use Buy with Prime.

Greater Conversion

In the current online competitive shopping world, merchants must engage customers and encourage them to buy their products. Buy with Prime means delivering the benefits and services that Prime service members have already come to know and expect. They trust the shipping and security from the Prime platform.

Buy with Prime allows merchants to enjoy the benefits of selling to Prime customers from their own ecommerce website. Merchants love the added number of clicks and conversion rates and the revolving door of returning customers. When Prime members see the Prime badge on other sites, it gives them the assurance they made a safe purchase.

Knowing Your Customer

Prior to Buy with Prime, one of the common complaints from merchants was they didn’t have enough information on their customers. All of that has now changed. When merchants sign up with Buy with Prime, they can build direct relationships with them and have access to a host of other data. What are some examples of the data? They include, but are not limited to, customer’s phone numbers, customer’s shipping addresses, and customer’s email addresses.

Increase Traffic to Website

When merchants decide to display the Buy with Prime badge on their site or marketing material, they can expect a higher rate of shoppers navigating their website because of the security/peace of mind it creates with customers. Another positive result? They can expect an increase in the amount of sales. Again, the badge will appeal to Prime users who expect a shopping experience they trust.


Amazon’s Buy with Prime has changed the game for merchants. It has allowed Prime users to travel to different merchant’s sites and have the peace of mind to know their shopping experience will be secure when they view the Prime badge. With the security created for shoppers, Buy with Prime is set to become a revolutionary service for online merchants.

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